Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Broccoli Swamp Soup

My boys are not the biggest broccoli fans. I am sure most kids are not either.  We had a lot of broccoli here that we needed to use so I wanted to make broccoli soup.  I am always trying to come up with creative ways to get them to eat things they do not like. From the looks that were thrown my way when just mentioning that I might make broccoli soup I knew it would be a good idea to create something fun with the soup. My goal was to get them to at least try it..which they did and ate half of it! I used this Broccoli Soup recipe from (it's very good)!

The only fun thing I could think of was making Swamp Soup.  It helps having the kids involved when making this.  We shaped a Alligator, Frog, Lilly Pads and Trees with a kitchen knife. We scattered around other pieces of broccoli and used 1 green onion for make the Snake.  We cut a raisin in half to make the eyes on the Frog, Alligator, and Snake. They will just stick on. The Snake tongue is a piece of a red pepper.

Here is a closer shot of the Snake..

the Frog...

the Alligator...

Here 6 year old with his Broccoli Swamp Soup and a Cheesy Swamp Boat!

This at least got them to try it and they did eat half of the bowl.  I will admit that there were some gags involved and at one point they mixed in apple sauce.ha  Thinking of that part makes me gag!  Broccoli soup is a tuff dinner to get the kids to eat. However,  give this a try for your picky eaters....It just might work!

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  1. That soup is adorable! My 6-year-old loves broccoli but will only eat it raw. He really does not like any cooked veggies but will eat a variety of veggies raw.

  2. Soy admiradora de tu divertida cocina, me encanta!!!
    Has preparado una magnífica sopa fenomenalmente presentada y atractiva para los niños, enhorabuena!!!

  3. Haha! I love it! My kids actually really like broccoli (I know, weird, I don't know how that happened!) so they would really dig this soup! thanks for sharing! :)