Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boo Bento

We made this Boo Bento lunch awhile back and it's so simple to make!  We packed this fun Halloween lunch for my 6 year olds school lunch and he loved it!

Boo Bento

Sandwich of Choice
Cheese Stick
Vanilla Yogurt

Cut out a ghost from 2 pieces of bread using a ghost cookie cutter or kitchen scissors.  We used raisins to make the eyes and mouth.  Draw on a ghost face using a black marker onto the cheese stick.  Make a ghost face with rasins on the vanilla yogurt.  We also made ghost faces on peanuts (my kids love peanuts!) using a black edible marker. A regular marker is fine because they won't eat the shell ...we hope not!:)

We made this fun Halloween lunch in Easy Lunchboxes!

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  1. That looks great - mine would get the yoghurt everywhere though lol.

  2. This is so fun, and just what I needed earlier when the kids asked for spooky sandwiches! I was totally stumped as to what to do, I know what they will be having for lunch tomorrow!