Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Wacky Christmas Card Idea!

We were playing around with my mom's iPad a couple of weeks ago making crazy faces and it hit me recently that our alien looking pictures would make funny Christmas cards!  Most of you probably get the same looking Christmas cards like we do and this idea is something fun to send to your family and friends!  There is so much going on this time of year and lots of stress to go with it!  A fun card like this will give your family and friends a good laugh that is probably much needed with all of the craziness going on!

I thought of this after we already made our regular cards, but wish I would have sent these out instead!ha  We made this as our Christmas e-card to all of you! We also wanted to give you the idea to make one of these as well! I think my husband and 9 year old (crazy hair) turned out the best!  This wasn't planned so I am sure you could come up with some great wacky pictures wearing Christmas hats, etc...

Thanks to my brother Brian for making the card for us!:)

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