Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rainbow S'mores Pops

We made these fun Rainbow S'mores Pops for Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie!  Meaghan is one of our favorite bloggers ever and she just had a sweet baby girl named Violet! We are thrilled to be included in a Virtual Baby Shower for Meaghan along with many other creative bloggers! 

Meaghan makes the most adorable goodies and will just wow you with her marshmallow creations! These Marshmallow Love Bugs are one of our favorites from her! It's so hard to pick a favorite...we love all of them! Lets just say that Meaghan came up with the original Melted Snowman Cookie that everyone has copied and recreated!  She has also been amazingly kind to us by answering tons of my silly blogging questions and giving us some great advice along the way! 

Meaghan really loves rainbow edible crafts & has always seem to like our S'mores Pops creations the best so we decided to create Rainbow S'mores Pops just for her (and that new little baby of hers)!  My boys and their friends LOVED these pops and kids will also have fun helping decorate these!

Rainbow S'mores Pops
(makes 1)

2 Small Graham Crackers
4 Regular Marshmallows (we like Jet-Puffed)
Chocolate & White Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
Mini M&M's 
9 or 10 Mini Marshmallows
Lollipop Sticks

Take your graham crackers and cut the pointed edges off using a round cookie cutter or you can cut it using kitchen scissors like this....

Squeeze on white cookie frosting on the top of one graham cut out in a line and add on the different colored mini M&M's. Let dry...

Take the other graham cut out and squeeze chocolate cookie frosting on it.  Place 2 regular sized marshmallows on the sides and cut 1 marshmallow into a point and place in the middle. Poke your lollipop stick through the middle. Squeeze more frosting on top and then place the rainbow graham on top. Let dry...

Cut mini marshmallows in half and attach them on 2 regular marshmallows using white cookie frosting. Squeeze on more frosting on one side of the marshmallows and attach to the sides.  We used extra grahams underneath just to even it up. Let dry....

Here is a side view....

These Rainbow S'mores Pops are a huge hit with the kids and pretty simple to make!  

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  1. These are absolutely "OVER THE RAINBOW!" awesome!! So super excited to do this with all you great creators - Miss Violet is GORGEOUS - what a lucky gal Meaghan is!!!!

  2. omg, these are so fun. I was wondering how you made them and and now I know, thanks for the step by step tutorial.

  3. Love these, Jill! It;s so cute how you have them set up in the bowl of colored candy!

  4. I always love your s'mores pops! These are awesome!

  5. The funnest pops ever and so Meaghan! What a perfect choice for this shower. Great tutorial too!

  6. Absolutely lovely!! Your creativity amazes me daily :) Loved them.

  7. THANK YOU!!! You kept the secret! Not only do I adore rainbows, but I adore all your s'mores pops, so this is just ever so perfect. You ladies are the best ever, I can't believe you all did this!

  8. I love these! They're so pretty, and yuuuuuummmmy. :)

  9. I didn't know graham crackers could cut easily enough to round them. What a cute idea and perfect idea for a kid's birthday party or St. Patrick's day!