Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Strawberry Shortcake

We had some strawberries we needed to use up so we came up with this quick and easy Santa Strawberry Shortcake!  This seriously took us about 5 minutes to make!  

Santa Strawberry Shortcake

Mini Shortcakes 
Edible Eyes
Whipped Cream Spray

Place the mini shortcake in a small bowl.  You can get the shortcakes in packs or 4 and they cost $1 at our Kroger.  Slice some strawberries and place on the top for the hat.  Cut out a nose and mouth.  Place on edible eyes.  Spray on whipped cream for the beard and hat details....that's it!  

Such a easy and fun Christmas treat to make the kids!

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  1. What a super cute and yummy idea! Merry Christmas, Jill! :0)

  2. So cute! Gah, makes me REALLY want some strawberry shortcake!

    - Chloe