Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party #29

It's time for our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party and we can not wait to see all of your fun & crafty creations!  

Our big news this week is that I have teamed up with as their Cooking With Kids expert.  I am sharing 5 super cute and easy Kids Lunch Ideas.  Stop by and check them out! Let us know what you think of them!

Here are a few of our favorite links from last weeks party...

This Woodland Camping Party is one of the cutest parties we have seen!  Everything is SO cute and it's from Dimple Prints...

These Rainbow Heart Cakes are really cute from Wine & Glue...

Learn how to make a Christmas Tree Skirt from Tales of a Trophy Wife...

This Peanut Butter Fudge looks amazing from Shugary Sweets!

We love these Lunch Box Cookies from Lizy B Bakes...

A simple smiley face can look so cute like these Chocolate Chip Smiley Face Muffins from Alderberry Hill...

The most viewed link are these adorable Chocolate Snack Cake Bats from Hungry Happenings...

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Fun & Easy Kids Back to School Lunches

I am sharing these Fun Kids Lunches over at Kellogg's site These fun lunches are easy to make and the kids will love them!

I am so excited to be the new Cooking With Kids expert on .  I give you step by step instructions here

Dinosaur Lunch

Puppy Lunch

Sun, Moon, & Stars Lunch

Zoo Animals Lunch

Car Lunch

You can check out how to make these fun lunches along with other recipes, entertaining, coupons, & fun snacks over at! Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slithering Snake Burrito

We have mexican night once a week and we always love coming up with fun mexican themed food!  My boys used to get upset when I bought spinach quesadillas. However, now they ask for them knowing that we will most likely make something fun out of them.  We made Slithering Snake Burrito's the other night and my boys thought that this was Ssssssso cool!  These are also very easy to make!

Slithering Snake Burrito

1 Spinach Tortilla
Shredded Cheese
Beans (we used black & red)
Brown Rice
Sour Cream
1 Tomato Slice (or red bell pepper slice)

Take your spinach tortilla and cut it in half.  We layered our beans, cheese, and rice on top (use what you like).  Ours looked like this...

Take your tortilla half and roll it up starting from the long flat edge.  Microwave the rolled burritos for 1-2 minutes.  Take them out of the microwave and bend them just a bit in the middle.  Place them on the plate to look like a snake. Push the end of one burrito in the end of the other burrito to connect them.  Cut the back side end to a point and do the same for the front top end.  Cut the sides of the top with kitchen scissors and flare the tortilla out a bit to look like a snake head.  We cut a hand full of cooked red beans in half and made a V pattern on top of the snake.  This covered up with seam.   

We used sour cream for the eyes by placing it on with a spoon.  We used black beans for the pupils.  We cut a piece of a tomato for the tongue.  You could also cut a piece of a red pepper.

Here is the top view....

Here is a side view....

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pigs in a Snail Shell

My boys (and husband) love pigs in a blanket and we thought it would be fun to change it up a bit making these Pigs in a Snail Shell!  We actually never eat pork (just don't like it) so we should be calling these Veggie Dogs in a Snail Shell.:) These are very easy to make and gives the kids something different and fun for lunch or dinner.  

Pigs in a Snail Shell

Hot Dogs (we like Johnsonville Turkey Sausage)
1 Slice of Provolone (or any white cheese
Pretzel Sticks

Heat the oven to 375.  Open the hot dog and cut slices close together leaving the edge uncut on half of the hot dog.  Open your crescents & cut the triangles in 3 strips.  Take the 3 strips and press them together at the ends forming a long strip.  Start wrapping the hot dog with the croissant strip in the middle of the hot dog working down the cut side.  Bend the covered hot dog around to the center (this is why you cut the slits).  Take the extra crescent strip and wrap around the middle of the hot dog to secure. Then wrap it around the top forming a spiral circle (to look like a shell).  This will all be done using that same long croissant strip. If you do not have enough on your strip..just do the same with other crescents and press together. 

Bake for 10 - 15 minutes or until lightly browned.  

We made the eyes by cutting small circles from white cheese and cut a raisin in half for the pupils.  We broke the ends of pretzel sticks to make the antennas.  

My boys really loved these and I am sure we will make these often!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Apple Picking Tree Salad

I was looking back on our fun food pictures today and found this Apple Picking Tree Salad that we made over a year ago.  We like eating salads with field greens, strawberries, chicken, and blue cheese. However, this is definitely not my boys choice of dinners. Making this salad into a apple tree along with a biscuit basket full of apples (strawberries) is a fun way to dress it up and perfect for Fall! Super easy to make as well!

Apple Picking Tree Salad

Field Greens
Rotisserie Chicken
Blue Cheese
1 Biscuit
Pretzel Sticks

All you do is cut off a large piece of the rotisserie chicken and place it on the plate for the tree trunk.  Place the field greens on top to look like leaves.  Cut the top off of the biscuit and then cut a circle out of that to make a U shape.  Place that on the top for the handle.  We sliced a few strawberries and then cut small circles from the slices. We used the tip of a piping bag to make our circles.  You could also just cut them with kitchen scissors.  We poked the tips of pretzel sticks in the tops to look like stems.  Place them on the tree and in the biscuit basket.  Cut a couple of leaves from the field greens to look like grass using kitchen scissors.  Place on blue cheese in the sky to look like clouds.  

Here is my then 4 year old with his Apple Picking Tree Salad...

If you have picky eaters that will not eat salad then you really should give this a try! It worked for me!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Curious George Party with LOTS of fun food ideas!

My youngest turned 2 on Sunday and we had a full week of Curious George fun food!  We had a simple party for him at home.  I didn't have big parties for my other 2 boys until they were 3 and I like to keep things equal (as much as I can). We invited 1 guest (his uncle Brian). The funny thing is ...uncle Brian not eat any sugar.  This left our neighbors with some George goodies!  

He is the biggest Curious George fan so we wanted to give him a special George party.  Since we didn't have any guests other than my brother who lives here in Atlanta we just decorated with things I had laying around the house.  It's nothing fancy, but he loved it!  

We made Curious George & Yellow Hat Cake Pops, Yellow Hat Twinkie Cakes, Popcorn, Bananas, & and George Smash Cake!

Here is my happy Birthday Boy!

This is our second attempt at making cake pops and we had fun making them.  We always seem to come up with a different way of doing things compared to others, but it worked well for us and made things so easy!
(Directions for these below)

Curious George with his Banana Cake Pops....

Yellow Hat Cake Pops....

Yellow Hat Cakes... 

Here is how we made the Yellow Hat Cakes.....

This is the easiest thing you will ever make!  We purchased mini shortcakes at Kroger . We flipped those over with the bottoms facing up. We cut a Twinkie in half and placed them on top. We wrapped a berry fruit roll up around the bottom of the Twinkie.  That's it! 

Curious George Smash Cake...

 Here is how we made our George Smash Cake...

We made a large cupcake using part of cake mix.  We used vanilla wafers for the ears.  We spread chocolate frosting on the top of the face. We tinted white frosting with just a little bit of the chocolate frosting and spread that on shaping the face.  We used edible eyes and chocolate cookie frosting to make the mouth/nose.

My sweet 2 year old about to blow out his candles....

Yummy...George is tasty!

My 3 boys with their George goodies...

Our 1 guest Uncle Brian and the Birthday Boy!

This boy just couldn't wait to bite the head off of this George pop!

This is the face of pure joy!  He has such a love for Curious George and we are so happy that we were able to share this fun George birthday party with him!

Happy Birthday little Levi...we love you!

This was our second attempt at making cake pops. They are fun to make and the kids love them!  
To make Cake Pops all you do is bake a cake. Smash the cake up using a fork and mix with a can of chocolate frosting.  It's SO easy!  We actually split a little off of our cake mix and made a large cupcake. I wanted my 2 year old to have his own little George smash cake.  If you need step by step instructions then go to the queen of cake pops Bakerella for more detailed directions.

This is how we made the Yellow Hat Cake Pops...

Remember that this is our second attempt at making cake pops so we are not experts at this. However this seemed to work out well for us and we wanted to come up with a different and easy way to make these. We used a brownie pop silicone pan (you can get them at Michaels). I have had this pan forever and have used it once.  Never made brownie pops, but wanted to find other uses for it.  We started out by lining the holes with our yellow candy melts like this...

We let that dry and pressed our cake pop mixture in the holes up to the top like this....

We melted more of the yellow candy melts (use directions on the bag) and made circles on wax paper using our spoon.  Let it dry for a few minutes and then poke a hole in the center before it's completely dry like this...

You then want to remelt your candy melts just a bit.  Pop out the hats from the pan. Spread more of the candy melts on bottom of the cake pops (where the cake mixture is showing) and cover. Push the lollipop sitck in the hole of your candy circles with the flat side facing up.  Dip the tip of the stick in the candy melts (this helps the cake pop to hold better on the pop).   Poke the stick through the bottom of the cake pop and p press the candy circles on the bottom.  Place it back in the pan to let it dry.  

We used black cookie frosting (Betty Crocker) to make our bands around the hat. However, it just didn't work very well and looked a bit sloppy to us.  We would recommend piping on dark chocolate or regular frosting.  The cookie frosting just didn't want to stick.  

Here is how we made the Curious George Cake Pops...

We started out by taking our cake pop mixture and shaped 1 1/2 inch balls.  Place them on waxed paper on a pan.  We place them in the refrigerator while we made the faces.  We made our faces by using caramels. We thought it would be easier this way and it was for us. All you do is put a caramel in the microwave for 4 seconds.  Flatten it using your fingers.  We cut our the first one using kitchen scissors and made sure if was the right size on the cake pop.  We used that caramel cut out as a guide to cut out the rest.  We did the same using the caramel scraps to make the ears and nose.  We decorated the faces before putting them on the pops. We used chocolate cookie frosting to make the mouth. White cookie frosting to make the eyes & mini chocolate chips for the pupils. We used a red sprinkle to make a tongue on the cut out open mouth. They will look like this...

It will look like you are making E.T. pops, but will turn into a monkey face once you press them on!

Melt chocolate candy melts and dip the tip of your lollipop stick in the chocolate.  Poke them in the cake pops. Then dip the cake pops in the chocolate.  We poked holes in shoe boxes for them to stand up and dry. We then attached the faces and ears using a little bit of the melted chocolate.  We wrapped brown pipes cleaners starting bottom of the head working down..then going back up to make the arms.  We shaped a banana from lemon Tootsie rolls and placed them in the hands.  You could also use Starburst.  

Here are the other George fun food creations that we made this past week. Click on the links for directions...

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