Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Surprise Treats

Happy Halloween!  

We sent in these fun Pumpkin Surprise Treats to my oldest sons class today. They wanted a pumpkin shaped treat and these worked out perfect!  We did not come up with this fun food idea. We used this idea from the Kellogg's site  However, we did come up with a better way to make these limiting a bit of the mess & getting a perfect orange color.

Pumpkin Surprise Treats
(adapted from Surprise Pumpkin Treats from

6 Cups of Kellogg's Rice Krispies
3 Tablespoons of Butter
1/2 of a bag of Jumbo Pumpkin Jet-Puffed Marshmallows (colored orange)
12 Fun Sized Candy Bars (we used Milky Way)
Large Pretzel Sticks
Green Cookie Frosting (we used Betty Crocker)

Melt the butter on low heat in a large sauce pan.  Then add the jumbo pumpkin marshmallows until completely melted. Using the jumbo orange pumpkin marshmallows will keep you from having to use food coloring.  This also will make sure you have a good even orange color.   Stir in the Rice Krispies until completely coated.  Spray a 1/2 measuring cup with cooking spray. Also spray your hands just a little.  Scoop out 1/2 cup portions and flatten out a bit.  Place the mini candy bars in the middle and wrap around to cover.  Shape into a balls and place on wax paper. I thought this would be so messy to make and it wasn't at all!  We made a double batch of these for my sons class.

We broke off the ends of large pretzel sticks for the stem and used the green cookie frosting to make the leaves....

Here is the secret candy surprise!

We hope that all of you have a fun and safe Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Pancake Ideas for a Halloween Breakfast!

Here are a couple of super easy and fun Halloween Pancakes that you can make for breakfast on Halloween morning!  

We used pancake mix, whipped cream spray, and dark grapes to make both of these.

This is our easy Mummy Pancake.  We made a rectangle shaped pancake in our pan on low heat.  We cut a dark grape in half for the eyes.  We sprayed on our whipped cream spray into easy!

This is our Spider Web Pancake that my 7 year old came up with.  Make a circle pancake and then spray on a web with the whipped cream spray.  We made a spider by cutting a few dark grapes....

Here is my 7 year old with his Spider Web Pancake!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

11 of our Frankenstein Fun Food Ideas!

My oldest had a birthday last week and had a few friends over to celebrate.  This is the first year that I haven't had a big party for him. I told him that we could make a few fun food snacks and goodies for his friends and he wanted a Frankenstein theme. We came up with these Fun Frankenstein Food ideas and the kids loved them!

We made these simple FrankenTwinkie Treats and these were the biggest hit! We used Betty Crocker black cookie frosting for the hair.  We used green cookie frosting to make the mouth and eyebrows.  We attached green jelly beans for the electrodes and a mini M&M for the nose using the green cookie frosting.  Super easy!

We made Frankenfruit using green grapes for the face and dark grapes to make the hair and other details.  We cut a large marshmallow in half to make the eyes.

We wanted to offer something healthy so we made Frankenveggies! We used broccoli for the hair and cucumbers for the face.  We used carrots for the edges.

We came up with this Frankenstein Chips & Dip using blue chips for the hair and guacamole for the face.  We used sour cream to make the eyes and black olives for other details. Your kids are going to LOVE this Frankenmole & it's a great way to get them to eat avocados!

We made a simple Frankencake making a chocolate 9x13 cake and decorating with green tinted frosting. We used dark chocolate frosting for the hair.  We used green Tootsie Rolls to make his electrodes and cut a large marshmallow in half for his eyes.  We cut green sour straws for the eyebrows and mouth.  We used mini M&M's for the eyes and nose.

Here is our display..nothing fancy, but a hit with the kids!

Here are some other Fun Frankenstein Food ideas that we have come up with in the past....

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boo Bento

We made this Boo Bento lunch awhile back and it's so simple to make!  We packed this fun Halloween lunch for my 6 year olds school lunch and he loved it!

Boo Bento

Sandwich of Choice
Cheese Stick
Vanilla Yogurt

Cut out a ghost from 2 pieces of bread using a ghost cookie cutter or kitchen scissors.  We used raisins to make the eyes and mouth.  Draw on a ghost face using a black marker onto the cheese stick.  Make a ghost face with rasins on the vanilla yogurt.  We also made ghost faces on peanuts (my kids love peanuts!) using a black edible marker. A regular marker is fine because they won't eat the shell ...we hope not!:)

We made this fun Halloween lunch in Easy Lunchboxes!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Classic Monster Pita Pizza's

We made these Classic Monster Pita Pizzas the other night and my boys loved them! Kids will have fun decorating their own personal Halloween monster pizzas themselves! These are also a great way to get the kids to eat veggie soy crumbles (you could also use sausage or ground beef/turkey).  

Classic Monster Pita Pizza's

Pita Bread
Pizza Sauce
Shredded & Sliced Mozzarella Cheese
Veggie Crumbles (we like Morning Star)
Assorted Veggies (red & green bell pepper, olives, etc...)

Start out by spreading pizza sauce on the pita bread. Top with shredded cheese expect for the mummy.  We added the veggie crumbles on that first and then the cheese.  We used 1 extra pita bread to cut out the Wolfman's ears and Frankenstein's electrodes.  Decorate with the crumbles and veggies.  Back at 350 for 10 - 15 minutes until cheese is melted.  

Here is what they looked like before baking...

The Wolf Man and Mummy...

Frankenstein and Dracula...

My boys absolutely loved them!  My 2 year old couldn't keep his hands off of them!:)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party #37

It's time for our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party!  I know I am a bit early posting this today, but I am headed to a Psychedelic Furs concert tonight reliving my wonderful years of growing up in the 80's! :)

We can not wait to see what you have been up to this week!  Here are some of our favorites from last weeks party...

We love this fun Halloween Mummy Dip idea from Happier Than a Pig in the Mud...

Check out this Halloween Gallery Wall from Meeha Meeha...

Lizy B Bakes made these adorable Spider & Web them!

How cute are these little Acorn Mice from de-gulle-aarde...

Check out these cute Mummy Oreo Balls from The Recipe Critic...

These Trick or Treat Push up Pops are super cute from Hoopla Palooza...

The most viewed link from last weeks party were these adorable Frankenstein Cookies from Munchkin Munchies!  I just love how she made things easy by coloring the dough...

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Lets move on to the Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party! We would love for you to stop back by next week and you just might be featured!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Cookie Cutter easy!

We made these Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes yesterday and they are so easy to make!
Some of you might remember these Cookie Cutter Clover Cupcakes that we came up with for last St. Patrick's Day...

They were a big hit with our readers and we loved how easy they were to make!  I happen to have small Halloween cookie cutters so we wanted to use this same idea to make Halloween cupcakes. My cutters are in the shapes of a skull, bat, cat, ghost, and moon.  We used 4 of them to make these. My oldest turned 9 today and we sent in a bunch of these cupcakes to give to his class to celebrate his birthday today.  He said the kids loved them!

These take no time at all to make and we love how they turned out!

Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes

1 Box of White & Chocolate Cake Mix (we like Pillsbury)
1 Can of White & Dark Chocolate Frosting (we used Pillsbury)
Assorted Sprinkles (we used chocolate and orange)
Mini Chocolate Chips
Orange Food Coloring

We first made our cake mixes in two separate bowls. We added a little orange food coloring to our white cake mix to give it more of a Halloween look. Bake as directed in cupcake liners...

Separate the orange sprinkles while the cupcakes are baking. We also separate the longer chocolate sprinkles from the shorter ones to make the mouth on the skull. This saves some time.  

We used the bat and cat cookie cutters for the orange cupcakes and the ghost and skull cutters for the chocolate cupcakes.  Cut off the tops and cut through with the cookie cutters like this....

Frosting the top of the cupcakes. Use the dark chocolate frosting on the orange cupcakes and white frosting on the chocolate cupcakes.  Place the cut out cupcake tops on top of the frosting. Decorate with sprinkles and mini chocolate chips!

Skull Cupcake...

Black Cat Cupcake...

Ghost Cupcake...

Bat Cupcake...

Here is a view from the side.....

These were so fun to make and a great idea for a Halloween party!  Easy and quick!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big 9 year old!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Our 2012 Homemade Halloween Costumes...Let's Go Camping!

We love making Halloween costumes and we always come up with a theme for our boys.  This years theme is Camping!  We recently bought a vintage camper that my husband just finished restoring and thought that camping costumes would be fitting this year. We enter the city of Marietta, GA costume contest every year and these took 1st place in all age groups along with the grand prize!yay!!  These costumes cost us less than $10 dollars to make all of them together!

Here is our Scotty camper...

My husband created a replica of our camper for my 8 year old made out of a refrigerator box (thanks Brandsmart)! He used spray paint to decorate....  

Here is the front...

The back with a LUV2CAMP GA license plate!:)

This is my little 6 year old Camp Fire! My husband made the base from cardboard and spray painted cut up pool noodles for the logs.  The stones our packing bubbles spray painted grey.  I poked holes in the logs (pool noodles) with a sharp knife and stuffed red, orange, and yellow tissue paper in the holes using a regular knife.  I pinched the bottom from pieces of tissue paper and taped it together. I used red thread and sewed the tissue paper in the hat using 1 stitch so I could easily remove it. I taped the tissue paper together so it would stand up straight.  It was a windy day and this worked out perfect keeping it all together.  I painted his face with flames to blend in.  

We popped a couple of jumbo Jet-puffed marshmallows on sticks for him to hold and roast!:)

Here is my little 2 year old Roasted Marshmallow!  We tried to think of something comfortable and easy for him to wear that he wouldn't try to pull off. He loved this and it turned out so cute. In fact he was the definite hit of the costume contest!  We were supplied with so many marshmallow from our friends at Jet-puffed awhile back and we thought a marshmallow would be the perfect costume to make since we are loaded with them here at the house!  Plus...we always make so much of our fun food with marshmallows!  

This is so easy to make.  My husband took a piece of foam and cut it to size. Cut out a round piece with a hole in the middle and glue to the top.  Cut holes from the sides for the arms.  Paint it white and then use brown spray paint on the top and bottom to give it that roasted look. Glue velcro to the back so it will hold together.  Push a stick in the back side and that is it!  

We had him holding a Hershey bar and Keebler graham cracker. I never give him chocolate and he gobbled that Hershey bar up so fast on stage.  It did keep him focused and still.  However he was quite wired that night!  

Here they are at the Marietta square costume contest. You can see my 2 year old has chocolate dribbled down the front of him from that Hershey bar...yum yum!:)

Here we are...the Mills family and our camping creations! We actually got in the paper this year!  These were so fun to make and we love doing homemade costumes every year!

Another shot of my camping boys!

Here are some fun costumes that we have made from previous years using boxes, fabric, and foam. My husband always amazes me with what he can make with boxes.  We usually go with what we already have and keep all 3 costumes under 20 bucks.  

Here are their 1st place Sea Life costumes from last year....

1st place Antique Auto theme from 2010. My husband made the gas pump and roadster from boxes and I made the little oil can using foam and material....

My little Pirate Boat and Treasure Chest from 2009...both 1st place. My husband Josh made these using boxes.  I decorated....

My husband made this Robot costume in 2008 for my oldest. Isn't this so cool?! Grand prize winner!

My mom made this skunk costume for my middle boy in 2008...

My mom also made this Billy Goat costume for my oldest when he was a baby.  One of my favs!:)

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