Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Hulk Watermelon

We come up with a couple of fun watermelon ideas every year & this year my boys wanted to make The Hulk!  This was so fun & pretty easy to make. Would also be great to make for a The Hulk, Super Hero, or Marvel party!  

The Hulkmelon

1 Watermelon
Dark Grapes

Start out by cutting a piece from the bottom of the watermelon to have it stand up straight. You will use that piece to cut out the nose & ears.  Draw on the mouth & eyes using a pencil. Then cut the top layer off using a knife.  Cut the lines for the teeth & then cut out the mouth around the teeth. We attached on the nose, eye balls, & ears using toothpicks. The eyebrows & pupils are raisins cut in half. The hair is grapes cut in half. Wash off the watermelon before you attach on the fruit..everything will stick. 

We also cut a big hole from the back & cut out the watermelon in pieces. We place the cut watermelon back in for serving to a crowd.

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