About Us

We have the best time making silly snacks, fun food, and goofy goodies for kids! I have always made cute food for parties we have had in the past and everyone used to tell me that I must start a blog. I had never even been to a blog before until we started this one back in March 2011. It has been a lot of fun for us and never thought it would take off like it has.  

We love making easy cute food for kids. I work part time and just do not have the time to make time consuming things. Having 2 little boys and a toddler keeps me very busy! My boys also have awesome ideas and we just start creating with whatever pops into our heads! We are all about having fun in the kitchen and making silly food gets my boys to try new foods. They used to be very picky and making food fun works for us. 

My name is Jill and I have loved baking since I was young. Baking has always been a huge passion of mine and eating baked goodies is just as fun for me! I also contribute regularly to the Kellogg's site snackpicks.com and NBC's recipe site dinnertool.com...

My husband Josh owns a hot rod shop here in Atlanta, GA. They build pre 1950's hot rods...mostly traditional. He is a amazing artist and can build such beautiful cars from a pile of old rusty parts. This is us in our 1935 coupe...

I love old cars just about as much as my husband. Well..maybe not as much, but it's close. We consider them as part of our family....not in a creepy way! However, we have even named them. My boys are thrilled to be dropped off at school on some days in the hot rods. We rotate most of them. My husband builds them...sells them...then we get another one..etc.. We have so much fun with them!

This is our family ride. It's a 1950 Merc. Her name is Janie and we have had her for the longest...

This is Greta the 1935 Ford Coupe. My husband built this from the ground up. It's perfect and so fun to ride in!

This is the newest addition. It's a 1936 Cabriolet Convertible. The boys have not picked out a name for this one yet. My husband just got it running and I have not had a ride in it yet. We will have fun with this one for sure!

Thank you so much for checking out our blog! We hope that you have as much fun looking at our goodies as much as we have making them!